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Grab a FREE copy of the Complete Car Camping Checklist

The Complete Car Camping Checklist now available in two printable formats:

The Complete Car Camping Checklist WORD Format (www.carcamping.org)

The Complete Car Camping Checklist PDF Format (www.carcamping.org)FACEBOOK: Please join me over on Facebook and LIKE my page to communicate with a community of other Car Campers. Find out about camping tips and tricks, the best places to camp in the U.S., products to aid you on your next trip and much more!

Each Friday we’ll highlight a camper and see where they’ve camped recently. If you’d like us to feature your last excursion, drop us an email: andre@carcamping.org

Also! Join me over at my new site: I Want That For CampingEverything from Gadgets, Gear and Games!

Utilizing This Site

On the top menu we have Car Camping 101. Folks that are new to Car Camping are guided through the entire process from Planning the Trip to Setting up Camp.

Next, Camping Essentials categorically breaks down all the gear you’ll need for an enjoyable car camping trip. Gear that I’ve personally used and trust are located to the right side of each of those pages.

Are you camping in a remote place with no electrical service? No problem! The Camping Gadgets section has items for powering up your electrical devices.

Tips & Tricks goes over what I’ve learned from camping the past 10+ years; from the best places to buy your gear to information that will better prepare you for the outdoors.

The Food section currently only offers up food ideas and suggestions, as well as a section for Dehydrating Food.  Food recipes are currently being worked on and should be up soon.

The Games section offers up some not-so-common outdoor camping games, such as: Speedminton, Kubb, Molkky and KanJam.

Lastly, the Videos section offers Free Campsite Video Tours (only for Vermont at-the-moment), with videos coming out every few weeks.

I hope this site prepares you for your next car camping excursion!