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My name is Andre and I’ve been car camping for the past 10+ years. From the start a few friends and I began acquiring essential camping gear. Year after year and trip after trip, we’d acquire more gear, miles and stories. There’s no other feeling that comes close to spending a weekend in the woods.

I decided to start this site as a one stop resource of information that I wanted to see in a camping site. I want to guide you from the very beginning of your trip to the very end and point out certain aspects that can sometimes be overlooked. I’ll also refer products* that I’ve used, some of which I’ve had since the start.

When I think about car camping, I think about the feeling right before embarking on the trip: everyone is packed into the car, the camping gear is blocking the rear view, and whatever items that were forgotten will stay there, because the camping list was quadruple checked and it’s time to hit the road. I think about the trip to the campsite and the moment we arrive, usually late at night, and piling out onto the pitch black dirt road – looking up at the star filled sky. We open the cooler and each person grabs an ice cold beer, then we toast – enjoying the next few minutes just being there, surrounded by the darkness and quiet of nature. Next, we begin to Set Up Camp



*Most of the products I refer to are one’s that I’ve personally used and trust. Others are one’s I’d recommend based on my research. I try not to recommend products that I have never owned, but from time to time will, if I believe I would personally use that product. I will provide links to products that I’ve found to be both low in price and of good standing quality.