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Cooking Heat Source

Alternative Cooking Heat Source (s)

(Other than cooking your food right over the open camp fire)

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Mini Propane/Butane Backpacking Stove

For outdoor use and should be used with an aluminum cover to protect the propane/butane tank from heating up. If it gets too hot, it can create an explosion.

The Propane/Butane mixture is for combustion purposes. Butane doesn’t work that well in colder climates, but propane does. The problem though is that propane needs a stronger/heavier container to hold all that pressure. The solution: up to 30% of propane can be held in those small canisters. That 30% of propane helps release the butane that’s inside the canister.

Propane Stove

The most commonly used propane stoves for car camping are either single or double burner stoves. Most of these smaller camp stoves utilize the 1lb propane tanks. If you’d like to attach a larger (20lb) propane tank to your grill, purchase a hose adapter (w/ regulator).

Charcoal Grill

When purchasing a charcoal grill, make sure there are vents on the bottom of the grill. These vents help oxygen circulate in order to keep the coals hot. Unless you’re throwing charcoal into an already burning fire, make sure to purchase MatchLight charcoal. Trying to get a grill going with regular charcoal is a chore all in itself.