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Reusable Plates/Bowls/Cups

I’m partial to plastic. I’ve used Enamelware and while good, if not properly taken care of, will chip and rust over time. I only have a few items from my original enamel dinnerware set that are still fully intact.

Reusable Fork/Spoon/Knife

Walmart sells Ozark Trail Hobo Tools for about $3 and are always in stock at their store.

6-Foot Folding Table

Walmart has a 6-Foot folding table by Mainstays for under $40.


Can buy them for cheap from the dollar store or $3 at Walmart.

Collapsible Aluminum Table

When space in your car is an issue, this packs away small by having the table top’s metal slates roll out.

Water Jug 

For drinking and to wash dishes.