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Personal Hygiene

Maintaining Your Personal Hygiene While Camping

Bring along items that you’d normally use at home. such as for your: Mouth (Toothpaste, Floss and Listerine), Face (Face Wash), Hands (Soap, Hand Sanitizer), Underarms (Unscented Deodorant). Baby Wipes are a great multipurpose item.

At the very least, make sure your face, feet, armpits, and groin area are clean. Swab those areas with a cotton ball doused in peroxide/alcohol. It’ll keep bacteria from forming in these moist areas.

Portable Showers

Portable solar showers are a great way to clean yourself on a camping trip. Just find a spot under a tree and set the portable shower up off of a low hanging branch. It should also be set up in an area that’s getting hit by the sun, sometime around 10 A.M – 3P.M., when the sun is giving off the most heat. For privacy, you can either purchase a shower enclosure or use a tarp or cheap shower curtain.