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Roof Top Cargo Bag

I’ve used a roof top cargo bag on a little more than half a dozen trips so far. I’ve driven when it’s rained, heavy and light, and it’s never succumbed to any water leaks. Some tips when using a roof top cargo bag:

  • If your car has a roof rack then slide them as far apart from each other as possible to allow the roof top cargo bag to fit in between the rails (racks).
  • Place something on your roof as a cushion to protect your car or SUV. Place between the roof and roof top cargo bag, a towel, for example, to prevent any scratches. (This isn’t really necessary. If you have a newer car, and want some peace of mind, then add an extra layer of protection between the bag and your car’s roof.)
  • While driving, the front of the bag should have no openings, so no water can creep into the bag. Make sure the zippers meet in the back of the vehicle.
  • Put a lock through the zippers to:
    • Secure your belongings from someone coming and opening it up.
    • Make sure the zippers don’t separate while driving.

Side note: I’ve driven with no lock before and the zippers never budged. This is more for my peace of mind and I usually stop along the trip to pick up last minute supplies from the store.