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The most important tool when camping. Uses include splitting and chopping your collected wood. The butt of the axe can also be used to stake down tent pegs.

Swiss Army Knife

A good/decent one would be a Huntsman or Camper.

  • The Huntsman comes equipped with 14 different tools:
    • small blade
    • large blade
    • reamer (used to punch a hole into leather, a belt for instance)
    • sewing eye
    • wire stripper
    • can opener
    • bottle opener
    • screwdriver
    • corkscrew
    • woodsaw
    • toothpick
    • tweezers
    • scissors
    • hook
  • The Camper is equipped with everything the Huntsman has, except it’s missing:
    • scissors
    • hook

To find the best deal, look on Ebay. Airlines confiscate thousands upon thousands of pocketknives each year and are sold off in wholesale auctions. Individuals buy these wholesale auction pocketknives and then resell them on Ebay. The going rate for these used pocketknives are about $12-$22.

Pocket Chain Saw

An excellent item that saws right through thick pieces of wood. It’s relatively inexpensive and comes in handy when an axe isn’t readily available. It’s small and compact enough, that you can stash it anywhere.


Purchase if you don’t want to use the butt of the Axe.