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Ambivalent Friends

  • Don’t bring someone who doesn’t want to go or who you know will cause a problem. There’s nothing worse than having someone complaining throughout the duration of the trip. Camping is about getting away from your problems, not bringing them with you.
  • If you want to persuade someone who isn’t sure about going, ask them why they don’t want to go and what their fears and insecurities are. More likely than not, most people are afraid of the same things. Make that person feel as if they’re not the only ones with certain fears about camping. Some things that people usually have anxieties over are:
    • Going to the bathroom in the woods
      • Bring a toilet seat that goes over the lid of a bucket. If that’s not enough, make some sort of enclosure around the toilet. It’ll make going to the bathroom in the woods a lot less stressful. For more info, head over to: Going to the Bathroom in the Woods
    • Bugs
      • Wear a mosquito head net. Wear long sleeves, long pants, long socks (wrap them over your pants). Put on Bug Spray.
    • The Dark
      • Lanterns, campfire, collect more wood, tiki torches, LED lights, headlamps. Look at Lighting.
    • Sleeping Outside
      • I guess you can have them sleep in the car, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose?
  • Remember, you want to accommodate your friends to make them realize that what they pictured or imagined isn’t the way it actually is. Get them comfortable. Get creative! Camping is about using what’s readily available and making the most of it. It’s not about having all the necessities and luxuries. There’s only so much you can do for a person, before you realize, that person needs more accommodations than you can provide.