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Equipment Care


If it rained during your trip and/or if there’s still moisture or dampness on or under the tent when you packed it up, you need to reset the tent up at home and dry it fully out. Make sure it’s a nice, sunny day. If your tent is muddy/dirty/smelly:

  • Open all the windows/vents
  • Take a broom and sweep all the debris out
  • Take a hose and wash the floor down
  • Lift the tent up and drain the water out
  • Make sure tent is fully dry before packing away

It’s a good rule, even with new tents, to seal your seams. Some seal the seams from the inside of the tent, to preserve the aesthetics of the outside. Others, seal both sides for additional protection.

Cast Iron Pots/Pans

  • Wash immediately after use.
  • Do NOT use soap; it destroys the seasoned layer.
  • You want to leave a thin coat of oil/grease behind.
  • That layer of oil/grease will preserve the cast iron from oxidizing (rust).


  • Hose it down
  • Let to dry


  • Soap and hot water
  • Scrub
  • Rinse
  • Let air dry

Roof Rack Bag

  • Hang from a clothesline
  • Hose it down
  • Let to dry

Water Jug

  • Take soap and hot water to sanitize the inside, as well as the spout.
  • Let to air dry.
  • Replace the spout, with the spout facing inside of the jug.


  • Propane – If there’s a break (hole) in the mantle, replace the mantle.
  • Battery – Take batteries out (at least one), so batteries don’t explode/leak battery acid.