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Going to the Bathroom in the Woods

When squatting, you should take one shoe off and remove one leg from both pant leg and underwear. Move the pant leg and underwear over to the other side, gripping them in your hand the whole time. This is so no urine or feces accidentally gets onto your clothes.

For additional support:

  • Lean your back against a tree.
  • Find a rock to lean a butt cheek on and stabilize yourself.
  • Find a small enough rock or piece of wood that you can sit on and hang your rear end off of.


  • Take a canvas stool or seat (e.g., a old/cheap camping chair) and cut a hole in the middle of it.
  • Take a bucket and add a toilet seat onto the lid. This can go two ways:
    • cut the bottom of the bucket off and place it over the cathole you made in the ground, or
    • line the bucket with a heavy duty trash bag and slightly fill with odor absorbing biodegradable kitty litter. Sprinkle some kitty litter after each use to cut down on the smell. Dispose of waste in a cathole.

Remember: It’s illegal to dispose of human feces in public trash. For more information on proper disposal of human waste, go to: Leave No Trace.