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Packing Your Car


It’s usually a different process each time, but some things stay the same:

  • Depending on what type of car you have, if you have a folding table pack it either first (on the bottom of your trunk) or last (on top of all your packed gear).
  • Cooler is always the last to go in. You usually have to put food, beverages, and/or ice in the cooler and you need access to it.
  • Purchase a Roof Top Cargo Bag. It’s like adding a second trunk to your car.
  • Whatever you need access to during the drive to the site, figure that out prior and don’t pack it away. (Eg. You pack you asthma inhaler in the roof top cargo bag or you left your charger in one of your bags that you packed first.)
  • Things to have with you on the ride up to the site (and not packed away):
    • Cellphone (have the telephone numbers of everyone going camping)
    • Cellphone Charger
    • Ipod
    • Beverages
    • Snacks
    • Sweatshirt
    • Hat
    • Glasses
    • Napkins (Paper Towel)
    • Directions
    • Wallet
    • Money
    • Credit Card
    • Medications
    • Sunscreen
    • Etc.